Cindy Crawford and Honeymoon Lips♡ 4/21/19

Thursday, February 6, 2020

One of Cindy Crawford's signature looks is her muted nude/brown lips! I've been searching for a lipstick similar to this.  That iconic 90's supermodel brown lip.  That's when I came across this lipstick by NYX in the shade "Honeymoon". 

Honeymoon is a mauve-blush that gives off a delicate brown color on the lips. I thought it was a perfect pick to replicate Cindy's signature 90's brown lip ♡

I used the BH cosmetics pinky nude lip liner "Samantha" underneath to give it a more pinky tone.

 No Flash and Flash of Honeymoon♡

Here are my favorite Cindy Crawford magazine covers♡  

 Thank you for reading! xoxo Lizz ♡

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