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Monday, February 3, 2020

 I wanted to make this blog so I can have a place to write and post about different things! Sometimes more personal things too. There are some things that I want to look back on and remember, and some things that I've been wanting to write about whether i feel annoyed or happy. Anyway, here are some cute things I've got recently. That black heart purse is actually my little sisters but I'm gonna take it borrow it from her sometimes :).  The shorts are also from H&M.  I love them so much.  They feel so silky and cute! They make me feel like I'm in Marina's Primadonna girl video! (My fave video of all time) I also love my black heart sunglasses but those are from a little stand at the beach.
And lastly here are some pictures of some of my biggest inspirations:

                                                          Marina Diamandis
                                          ♡Jayne Mansfield ♡

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