glitter girl 6/14/16

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

It's summer time (my least favorite time of the year) so I have more time to post on here! if anyone who I don't already follow has a blog please let me  know!  I like reading other posts or reviews! 
So...I recently watched "Ever After" and remembered how much I loved her Cinderella costume and all of the glitter she wore! 

 body glitter<3  this one smells like kiwi!

        Love Drew Barrymore's movies! I think my favorite is between ever after and never been kissed wait!!! no....  her scene in Scream! CASEY! 

                                                      black glitter nails
                                               her costume reminds me of butterflies and fairies
                                                                     ♡ Lizz


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