Lavender love ♡ 12/2/18

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Fun facts about Lavender~

Back in the Elizabethan times, when baths weren't common practice, lavender was used to perfume clothes and bed linen

Lavender is Good for clearing the mind, body and soul as well as Lavender helps support a calm composure and reduces irritability, apprehension, stress, nervous tension, insomnia and nightmares.

The name Lavender comes from the Latin verb, "lavare," which means to wash

Hello♡ I recently got a few things that all happen to be lavender/light purple themed products. (One of my favorite colors and scents). I thought I would share them since I love them all.

Lavender organic hand sanitizer ♡

I bought this while paying at the register at whole foods.  I saw the color and scent and it was automatically an impulse buy. It has a strong clean scent of lavender. I use it to clean my phone as well.


This is such a pretty color and the name! omg the name is so cute! 
*listens to Madonna's like a virgin 5 times*

This is perfect for right before bed and super calming. The cucumber one is still number one though tbh.  

Press on nails!
Violet Bubble Bath  (I don't even have a bathtub)

Demi Moore In Oui magazine January 1981

♡ Lizz

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