♡ pink flowers and pina coladas ♡ 8/18/13

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

  This weekend was fun! I hung out with one of my best friends Tiffany!  It was also really hot though.  I hate summer and I hate hot weather so much. I want to move somewhere where it rains a lot..  I'm always happy when it rains!  <---link)Someday I will hopefully. I was so happy, she brought me flowers and a big pina colada bottle! We put it in some fancy glasses with whip cream and cherries! She knows me so well :) I love hanging out with her and I miss her already.

pretty Tiffy 
My cat actually liked her! Usually she runs away when she sees someone she doesn't know! or maybe it was just because she had food..... 
Cutest outfit and hat!

what a princess kitty
  ♡ Lizz

p.s. I made ask fm just incase any of you have one or want to know more about me! 


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