Pink lips, cute shoes ♡ 12/11/16

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Hi! I haven't made a post in so long! I miss it :( so I finally have more time to start again...

I'm done with this semester so I get to sleep in. This is me right now:

 Does anyone know fun or haunted places in Georgia? I'm going soon, I'm so excited!

I'm that weirdo taking pics of roses at the market :) 
omg I was looking at old collages I used to make and I miss that too! this one is my favorite I think! 

CUTE SHOES: look at how cute these are!


This is when I had pinkish/purplish hair! I wanna go back to this color again but my hair grows so fast and having to do your roots constantly can get annoying.

 I've been into pink lipstick a lot lately but I think my favorite liquid lipstick is "Samantha" from BH cosmetics! it's my favorite pink♡ 
 A really pretty dusty pale pink!


wearing Samantha ♡


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