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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

 There really isn't...I'm going to dedicate this post to one of my favorite films.. The Wizard Of Oz! I'm so excited that its going to be in theaters September 20th!(my bday month!) But for one week only.  I recently got this cute dress from forever 21. It reminded me so much of Dorothy's Dress.  I just need to get some cute red glittery flats to go with it! 

This filter made my hair look redish.. I guess because my hair is a reddish brown. I want a more brown tone to it so I'm thinking of trying a new hair dye! Some pics of me and my kitty! She looks so upset here lol I was just trying to take some pics! She is sooooo sassy!!!!!It's cute and funny though.

                                          I really want some red glitter slippers!!!!!

Here is a pic of me when I was a litttttle girl! Dressed up as Dorothy and my dog as toto! :) And a wizard of oz shirt too. I found another one a few days ago for 5 dollars on ebay! yay! I also have a super cute snow globe with Dorothy inside of it and it place the theme song. Another is a cute Tarina Tarantino tote bag!
                            Now I need to do laundry and clean!!! opps (while drinking a shirley temple)
   ♡ Lizz

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