Rose sugar scrubs and sea shells

Monday, February 10, 2020

Hello! I'm back. I missed blogging so much. I feel inspired and ready to start again ♡ Anyone who has taken the time to read my posts or just check out this page, thank you!!! Please subscribe, so you can get an email whenever I make a new post. Thank you xx

I recently purchased these two sugar scrubs, 1. Because the packaging is pink and cute lol. 2. I've used a sugar/sea salt scrub in the past and really noticed how smooth and soft it makes my skin. 

Here's how it went...

*In the shower* So I open the OGX rose water sea salt scrub and omg it smells so good! A soft and sweet rosy scent. My first thought was "ok, I know this is gonna be my favorite one..." Nope! I open the Tree Hut Moroccan rose scrub...ok wow! More of a deep floral fragrance, but not artificial. It's so fresh and beautiful!

Overall, if I HAD to choose one, it would be the Tree Hut Moroccan rose scrub. Judging by the texture, I could really feel it cleaning and removing dead skin cells well. However, the OGX rose water scrub is much more delicate on the skin and has a sweet light scent.  So it depends on what you're into. I have sensitive skin and neither products left it feeling irritated. 


Lately I've been obsessed with sea shells and pearls.  There is a youtube channel I've been watching where this cute lady goes around looking for pearls in different sea shells. OMG, she finds the prettiest colors! Even hot pink pearls! Her videos are relaxing and fun to watch.  Here's one of her videos! 

I also found this pretty vintage sea shell necklace on ebay. It's so unique! 

Thank you for reading ♡

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