Self-Care Sunday + Pretty Woman 3/10/19

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Do you have a favorite day of the week? a movie you can watch over and over again? or have as background noise while you do things around the house?  Sundays are my favorite ♡ 
 Pretty Woman is a movie that I can have playing over and over in my room. I think it may also be the color scheme and style throughout the movie.  I love the hotel that Julia Roberts & Richard Gere ] stay in. Everything is very 80s, pink, glam. I love it so much.

Julia Roberts best friend Kit De Luca has such a fun and playful style throughout the movie too. BTW I love that leopard print is so popular right now! 


I usually sleep in on Sundays.  Staying home always sounds better too.  Sometimes though, I may need to run errands and get gas for the week.  Getting gas is always a drag for me for some reason...But it has to be done.

Letting your skin have a break is very important. When im running errands I try to make it quick and easy.  Mascara √ Moisturizer √ chapstick or lip gloss √ hoop earrings √ (they make you look like you tried) plus they are cute! 

  As soon as I get home, I shower and start my skin care routine right after. 

I've been using these two products right after I get out of the shower.  My skin can soak in the product since there is still so much moisture in the air.  Both are from Trader Joe's and they are SO good.  If your looking for something that actually moisturizes your skin and doesn't feel uncomfortable and heavy, I recommend these products!  

After that, change into something comfy and let my hair air dry while I put on a movie or watch youtube ♡ (With my spoiled cat of course!)

If I'm been craving something, weekends are usually when me and my bf treat ourselves and get something yummy to eat.


We've been getting a rice and avocado bowl from WaBa grill.  They have this limited edition spicy teriyaki sauce that sooooo good. 

Sundays are perfect for painting your nails.  It can be relaxing and help you feel calm before bed. You have a fresh new color for the week ahead. Today I chose "Pink Lingerie" pink.  It's not a super light pink but not a hot pink either.  It's somewhere in the middle. Perfectly pink! 

While your waiting for your nails to dry, put on a eye mask.  I'm using this cute kitty gel eye mask.  It helps relax, soothe and relive any tension you have.

Thank you for reading.  Remember to take time for YOU. I've been learning that the more I try to improve myself, be a better person in all ways, everything else will get better. Sundays are perfect for self-care.  It's the day before a busy week ahead. 

“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give others.”


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