shoe wishlist and lashes ♡ 9/28/18

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

I have never been good at putting on fake lashes until I finally practiced daily for almost 2 weeks! They probably looked really bad at first, but I still made continued trying!  FINALLY, I got it and I feel like I'm pretty good at it now. 

In order to practice and not spend so much money on lashes, I went on amazon and looked up the cheapest lashes I could find. I found this box of 50 pairs of lashes for only 15 dollars. (They come in different styles too) I recommend these for practicing like I did!  Now that I've tried other brands from the drug store, I noticed that the amazon ones are not as comfortable as others that come with  fewer lashes, but are better quality.

So far, my favorite lashes have been these Ardell Eyelash Wispies.  They look natural but still very full and comfortable on the eyes.

Cute screen caps from a 1970 Maybelline moonstar and glamour-fluff eyelashes TV commercial 

 I've been really into press-on nails lately.  I love this set and the color combination. 

A few super cute shoes on my wish list that you may like as well ♡

 ♡ Pink pumps from Nordstrom

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