♡Summer twins and Valley of the dolls inspiration♡ 9/28/13

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Yay, it's finally getting cooler and summer is over! I spent the last night of summer seeing the cutest band ever "summer twins"! I really love their sound. They write: "dreampop and rock ‘n roll songs with a touch of California sun" and that's exactly what they sound like! so dreamy.. I saw them standing next to me while another band was playing before them and they signed my cd! They seem really sweet too, even though I was too shy to talk to them more. They're not very famous but I still was nervous and "Star struck" to ask lol. hmmm let's see.. oh! and I had a really nice birthday too! I've already posted pictures but I want to do a separate post on that! I'll probably post the same pictures so sorry if it seems like I keep posting things all over again!haha. Anyway, now that its going to be cooler and more chilly at night I really want to get a furry coat! either pink,black or leopard. I also love the 60's big hair/teased look but I don't think I'm very good at it! I need to look up a tutorial!

light brown hair was fun but my roots kept growing so fast! It got annoying :( I'll probably go back to it though. I'm always changing my hair color..

pic cred to http://bettydraper.co.vu
 Mj pjs ~ silk and ruffles (not sure why I look so tan haha)
Pretty peach pink night gown♡ I while ago, I had bought something on ebay and got sent the wrong order. The seller sent me this night gown.  I thought it was pretty but I still wanted my original order.  The seller actually let me keep this and still sent me what I had originally wanted! I had ordered a really cute baby doll style top I have to post a picture of it!

This is the hairstyle that I would want! I love it!  :( <3
creepy kitty 

 ♡ Lizz

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