Venus III Pressed Powder Palette ♡ 12/10/18

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

 OMG! This packaging is so cute!!! Whenever the packaging is designed in a cute way, it makes the experience of opening new makeup even better

What I Love About This Palette

The color scheme is SO perfect. If I had the chance to create my own palette, these colors would be in it! The packaging is beautiful and sturdy as well.  I've been using this palette for the past 2 weeks, and the colors blend well together and are very pigmented.  Some of the colors can even work as blush or highlight!


♡Beam (lit lilac w/ pink shift - iridescent shimmer)
♡ Beloved (minky lavender brown - metallic)
♡ Bliss (rosewood - matte)
♡ Dreamy (mauve - matte)
♡ Ecstasy (dried fig - matte)
♡ Heavenly (rich rose gold - iridescent shimmer)
♡ Paradise (bright fuchsia w/ blue glow - glow)
♡ Rapture (soft blush w/ blue flash - shimmer matte)

Overall, I think this palette is a great buy because you can create natural or bold looks. The shimmers are sheer, but they are so sparkly and magical. Bliss and dreamy can be used as a really pretty blush! The color scheme is perrfeeccct!! I love it! 

♡ Lizz

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