Whipped Cream Primer ♡ 6/22/19

Thursday, February 6, 2020


 ♡ Whipped Cream Face Primer ♡

Hello! I wanted to share my love for this primer with you!

First off, I have to say that when I saw the packaging and name that's exactly what pulled me in. I'm sure Marie Antoinette would have this displayed on her vanity! Whipped cream primer? How dreamy!

   I love when brands put thought into packaging details, themes, and colors. Winky lux definitely does it for me! 

Why I love this product:

♡ The packaging feels expensive and lux! 
♡ Detail and thought put into the packaging/design are beautiful.
♡ Actually feels like whipped cream! Light and smooth.
♡ Feels so soft and blurs pores for a smooth canvas.
♡ A little goes a long way.
♡ Not very heavy but moisturizing so you don't have a completely matte look.

The inside of the box is so pretty, I cant throw it away! ♡

Thank you for reading!

♡ Lizz

 "the truest form of beauty is a kind heart"


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