5 cute things you need for your bathroom ♡

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Here are some super cute finds for your bathroom! (links included)

The small pressed flowers and gold trim make this organizer such a beautiful part of your bathroom! It was larger than expected and very sturdy. 

I use these for my hair ties, bobby pins, mini makeup products and colourpop shadows! They are perfect and help keep your space organized and cute.

3. Wall Mount Phone Holder

This is perfect for getting ready in the morning or while doing your makeup! I usually leave a youtube video playing and I don't have to worry that its going to get wet. 

4. Mini wastebasket

I had the idea to use this just for my used makeup remover cloths. I love that it doesn't take up lots of space and is so sleek and cute!  

5. Makeup brush holder

I love that the gold trim on this matches with the organizer I previously mentioned. This is the perfect size for my every day brushes that I use! It's very sleek and adds a fancy touch to your bathroom.


Thank you for reading ♡

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