DIY flower mirror

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Create your very own customized flower wall! 

Here are the steps I took: 

Step 1- I found this old mirror at home but you can find one at a vintage or donation shop for a cheaper price! 

Step 2- Dust off and clean thoroughly.  Prime your mirror before painting!

Step 3- Choose a color for your mirror.  Although your mirror will be covered with flowers, I found that choosing a more natural shade really helped achieve the look I was going for. It simply brings your flower mirror together. But choose what you feel is best for the overall look your going for  ❥

Step 4- Once your mirror is dry all you're going to need is a glue gun, scissors and fake flowers of your choice. I found these large pink roses from Michael's.  You can mix and match small and big flowers too! 

 Step 5- You're done! I decided to add the leaves from the stems.  It gave it such a pretty natural look! Like the roses were growing from the mirror ♡

What do you think? 
Thank you for reading!

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